Isabella Constantino
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b. 1986, HK.

Isabella Headshot.jpg


Isabella Constantino

Artist from Buffalo, NY.
Currently based in Albany. 
Acrylics, watercolors, and drawings.
Available for commission.

Instagram: icartconstantly

My Name is Isabella.

I make art.

I have always been "drawn" to the creative realms-  (insert pun here).

I am originally from Buffalo, NY and am always amazed at the history of the city, there are certain nuances and a culture to the city one might not expect. From the music scene and small studio galleries downtown to the Albright Knox- a museum founded in 1890 that houses a great number of modern and contemporary works from all over the world. 

Apart from the museums and music, I grew up in an environment that was constantly infused with creativity and problem solving. My parents were both designers and in fields that incorporated both art and critical thinking and I had the opportunity to see the process of a great number of things from products to buildings come to life.

 I thoroughly enjoy exploring and experimenting with different mediums, new styles and watching them evolve in and out of different phases. Art has always been an outlet for me and I love sharing it with other people and going to spaces and museums and different creative environments. In effect I have a variety of my paintings and drawings on this site and am looking forward to sharing them with you! 

I hope you enjoy what I post and make and find and share, or at least find something  through this that you connect to and want to explore more of in your life!

I am always open to feedback and new ideas, so if you have any questions or comments or things you just want to share, please contact me here or through my Facebook page. Enjoy!