Isabella Constantino
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A view of different projects and the process of creating them.


This painting was based off of the large "Cityscape" I did in 2014 based on the Buffalo waterfront.

The city did a lot of fundraising that summer to fix it up and one weekend when my family was all together we went downtown to explore it. We went kayaking on the river for a few hours and got an amazing view of all of the industrial buildings and old factories that line the water. 

This painting is one of three that I have done so far with industrial imagery.

I.Constantino- Cityscape Unplanned.jpg


V-Week Cityscape/ Cityscape Unplanned

24" by 36"

Acrylics on Canvas


I.Constantino- 11.jpg


30" by 40"

Acrylics on Canvas


I.Constantino- 17.jpg

Small Cityscape

24" by 20"

Acrylics on Canvas



Dogs in Blue

My uncle loves dogs and had two huge St Bernard's for about 10 years. A couple of years ago for Christmas he asked if I could paint them and introduced me to an artist from Louisiana who painted large scale renditions of the Cajun werewolf dog stylized and in different shades of blue.

This was one of my first experiences painting a stylized image and it was an interesting process experimenting with the different shades and learning how to pair them to imply shadows, solid matter, and fur...

My uncle's dogs have since passed and Walter, (below) has joined the family- also painted in Blue.

The artist was George Rodrigue, there is a link  to his website below for anyone who wants to check out his work.

Iconstantino_Uncle.Iz_Dogs in Blue_2013.jpg

Me and My Uncle with his new painting!

 "Walter in Blue"  12" by 12"  Acrylics  2016

"Walter in Blue"

12" by 12"



 "Dogs in Blue"  Acrylics  2013

"Dogs in Blue"