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"Spread your Light"

Isa at Tailored Tea.jpg
Above: Me hanging watercolor suns at The Tailored Tea restaurant in Latham,NY

Visual art has always been a creative outlet for me and a form of self-expression, self-exploration, self-identification, and communication. In an effort to navigate life, neurological issues and mental health, various forms of visual and performing arts have comforted, inspired, and encouraged me where I've needed it most, providing space to heal and space to grow.

Growing up with Tourette Syndrome and OCD presented me with a particular set of challenges physically, mentally, and socially- periods of extreme overwhelm where the symptoms became too much, creating imbalance in the areas where TS claimed certain aspects of normality.

Dealing with these things compelled me to find alternative ways to navigate functionality and be proactive in maintaining mental health in the day to day. Or at least some form of balance amongst the factors at hand.

Painting and performance gave me tools to explore intimately both the challenges I faced and the things that brought me joy. The arts have continued to act as a mirror, helping me to introspect, develop a better understanding of my personal values and desires, and methods by which to express them.

It is my goal to encourage creativity and critical thinking as a medium for social change, so that we can live more open-mindedly, more kindly, and more effectively as people together on this planet. Allowing us to better connect with others and ourselves, question aspects of our conditioning, heal traumas, and develop a stronger ability to empathize with people and situations outside of our personal experiences. Giving us tools to develop self esteem, overcome limitations, create dialogue and bridge gaps in communication so as to establish the foundation for a more empathetic world. 


Constantino_ Dye Poppies_24x36(in)_Acrylics_2017_1500.jpg
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